How Long Is Your Drivers License Suspended?

Each driver’s license suspension time is dependent upon the reason for suspension. The length of time a driver’s license is suspended varies according the severity of the offense and the number of prior infractions on a person’s driving record.

Suspension is defined as the period of time during which a person may not legally drive. There are different types of suspensions such as definite, indefinite, traffic accident suspensions and out-of-state ticket suspensions. For example, an indefinite suspension in New York may occur as a result of failing to respond to a court summons or fine or failing to complete an accident report. There is no pre-determined suspension time period. The only way to remedy it is to follow through with reinstatement procedures.

A definite suspension has a clear end date. In New York, for example, it may be issued for accumulating 11 points after 18 months, which results in a 60-day-suspension. Driving while impaired or on drugs can result in a six-month suspension.

A driver’s license may be suspended for too many points, driving without insurance, accumulating an excessive number of speeding tickets, a DUI or causing an accident that results in a fatality. Penalties can vary widely with each offense. For example, a Washington resident may have a license suspended for 90 days or up to four years if found guilty of a DUI, depending on the blood alcohol level at the time of arrest. Drug-related driving offenses can result in suspensions of 180 days.

Additional actions may be required before a license is re-instated. For example, a person may need to complete an alcohol or drug education course or provide proof of insurance.