How Long Does It Take to Charge a Black and Decker 3.6V VersaPak Battery?

It takes up to 3 hours to recharge a Black and Decker 3.6V VersaPak battery. Gold VersaPak batteries maintain a charge better than the older Silver model batteries.

VersaPak batteries come in two styles. The Silver version is older and may not offer the same charge capabilities as the newer Gold version. Gold VersaPaks do not have battery memory, meaning they do not lose their energy capacity with repeated charges. Black and Decker offers a single charger and a dual charger for VersaPak batteries. The dual version allows the user to charge two batteries at once. Both the single and dual charger offer a complete recharge in approximately 3 hours. The battery will need to be returned to the charger more quickly if used before the full charge cycle is complete.