Does LoneStar Trucks Sell Used Products?


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On the LoneStar Trucks website there is a "Used Truck Centers" link that brings up a page of used trucks that are for sale, some of which are LoneStar vehicles. The used vehicles on this page are sold by LoneStar's parent company, International.

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LoneStar trucks are produced and held by a company called Navistar International Corporation, which was previously known as International Harvester Company. Navistar International Corporation not only owns the International brand of commercial trucks, but also owns a long list of engine, bus and chassis brands.

LoneStar trucks provide a variety of different models designed for both regional and long-haul usage. They advertise that their vehicles are extremely comfortable for the driver, have impressive up-to-date onboard computers and that the cabs are the quietest truck cabs in the industry. New LoneStar trucks can be bought directly from the LoneStar website, and the changing inventory of used LoneStar vehicles can be bought from International truck brand's used truck center. The company that runs the used truck sales from the link on the LoneStar website is the same company that owns LoneStar trucks, which makes it more reputable than local used truck dealerships or online auction sites. Depending on inventory, there may not be any used LoneStar trucks available for purchase at any given time.

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