How Does LoJack Work on a Vehicle?


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The LoJack vehicle recovery system consists of a small radio transmitter randomly placed in a vehicle that can be activated to track the vehicle if it is reported as stolen. This signal can be tracked by law enforcement vehicles equipped with LoJack receivers, allowing police to find the location of a stolen vehicle and track its movement.

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LoJack transponder units are randomly placed in up to 20 different locations in a vehicle to help make it difficult for potential thieves to find and disable the device. If the vehicle is stolen, a coded signal is sent to the transponder unit that causes it to begin broadcasting a signal that can be detected by law enforcement. However, not all police departments maintain the equipment for tracking LoJack signals, so the system is only effective in counties defined as coverage areas by the manufacturer. LoJack coverage areas consist largely of major urban and suburban counties in most states.

In addition to tracking the vehicle after it is stolen, some LoJack devices support an Early Warning feature that activates and notifies the vehicle's owner via phone call, text or email if a security fob synchronized with the LoJack system is not present when the vehicle is moved.

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