How Do You Get Into a Locked Car?


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Effective ways to get into a locked car include calling a reputable locksmith, using a locksmith's tools and asking the police for assistance if the passenger or driver is in danger. Using a magnet or coat hanger in order to unlock a car door can potentially damage the vehicle.

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Tools that a locksmith may use on locked car doors include locksmith wedges, long reach tools and automatic lock picks. Locksmith wedges make a gap between the car's window and door in order that a long reach tool can be slid through the gap to unlock the door. Wedges are made with a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and vinyl. Depending on the situation, several different sized wedges might have to be used in order to unlock a door.

Long reach tools can be used on newer cars, while a Slim Jim may prove effective for unlocking the door of an older vehicle. Depending on the lock system, a Slim Jim may do more harm than good. Long reach tools have loop pulls, lassos and angles to help with unlocking doors.

Calling the police to unlock a car door should be a last resort measure. The reason for this is that the officer may cause expensive and extensive damage to the car and its locking systems.

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