What Are the Locations of Emissions Testing Facilities in Illinois?


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Some locations of emissions testing locations in Illinois include Chicago, Pontoon Beach and Swansea. Exact locations are available by entering an address, city or ZIP code at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Web page.

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A full-service testing station provides all services in regard to vehicle inspections in Illinois, including customer service and waivers. These stations perform testing on all vehicles, including those with a gross vehicle weight of more than 8,000 pounds and cars that require a retest following a failure. There are also testing stations that only perform on-board diagnostic tests on vehicles that have computers. This includes those vehicles produced since 1996.

People who require a test should get the test as soon as possible, even if the check engine light is on, as this can help to diagnose the problem and give the individual time to have repairs and re-tests. The busiest times to get the test is on Saturdays and at the end of the month. People who take a vehicle to a testing location must ensure that the vehicle is operational and safe, as a rejection may occur if the vehicle is not safe. The vehicle must have a running engine at the test site, so people should only turn the vehicle off when told.

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