How Do You Locate VW Transporter Dealers?


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As of 2015, the Volkswagen Transporter is not available in the United States and can only be purchased in Mexico. Volkswagen does not sell the Transporter in the United States as it is subject to a 25 percent tariff that is applied to all light trucks that are imported into the country. Prospective buyers can locate Volkswagen van dealers by using the Find A Dealer tool provided on the Volkswagen website.

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The Volkswagen Find A Dealer tool provides uses a customer's ZIP code as a search variable to locate dealers, special offers and product inventory in their area. An advanced version of the tool is available which includes a drop down menu to specify what kind of services the location provides.

The Volkswagen Transporter was purchasable in the United States until the introduction of the T5 in 2003. The Transporter was available in the United States as its T4 version, which was sold under the Volkswagen Eurovan brand name. The T4 was a major upgrade over the T3 and incorporated an engine with water cooling, front-wheel drive and a front-mounted engine.

The Volkswagen Transporter is the best-selling van globally as it has sold over 12 million units in its various versions.

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