How Do You Locate Used Cars in Winnipeg?

How Do You Locate Used Cars in Winnipeg?

One of the largest search engines for finding used vehicles in Canada is Kijiji. Kijiji is a classifieds website that allows its users to post used vehicles for sale according to their make, model and location.

Kijiji, also owned by eBay, is more popular then the Craigslist website of Canada as of 2014. Use the following instructions to find cars on Kijiji.

  1. Use the search feature
  2. Visit the website, select the Winnipeg area, click Go, then click on Cars & Vehicles. Check all the traits of the wanted vehicle and click search.

  3. Contact the seller
  4. When a listing is found, use the information from the advertisement to contact the owner.

  5. Set up a meeting place
  6. Arrange a time and place to meet to inspect the vehicle.