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As of 2015, Rokon customers can locate the company's dealers by referring to the Dealers section of Rokon.com, which contains a complete list of dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. The Rokon.com Dealers page also features a map that visually displays the physical locations of all the company's dealers. As of 2015, Rokon's dealership network extends internationally to South Korea, Australia, Sweden, Panama and the Ukraine.

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Rokon products are sold through a dealership network in the United States that extends to 22 states, including North Dakota, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina and Alaska. Rokon also has dealers in three Canadian provinces, which are British Columbia, New Brunswick and Alberta. Dealer information on Rokon.com's Dealers page generally include their address, a contact phone number as well as any available Web address.

Rokon is a company that sells a range of all-terrain vehicles under the same name. Rokon states that it is the first manufacturer of all wheel drive motorcycles and has been in business for over 50 years. Rokon's history began in 1958 with the production of the Trailmaker all wheel drive motorcycle by Charles Fehn. The Trailmaker's design was purchased by Nethercutt Industries in 1960 and began production in Slymar, California.

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