How Do You Locate the Recommended Oil for Your Vehicle?

How Do You Locate the Recommended Oil for Your Vehicle?

To determine the type of oil that a car needs, consult the owner’s manual for the car, or look at the oil cap under the hood to see if the manufacturer indicates the type of oil on the cap. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, check websites that offer replacement manuals to get another copy of the manual.

The owner’s manual is the best place to find out what type of oil the car requires. The manual may offer different recommendations of oil viscosity for use in extreme temperatures. The manual also lists whether the engine requires conventional or synthetic motor oil.

If the owner’s manual is not available, several websites offer replacement manuals, many of which you can download immediately online. The dealership where you purchased the car may also have a manual for the car.

Many manufacturers label the oil caps on vehicles with the appropriate oil for the vehicle. To find this, pop the hood of the car, and locate the oil cap. Look for an imprint or a sticker with the oil recommendation for the car.

Keep in mind that using the right oil for your car is essential, since using oil of an inappropriate viscosity can potentially cause damage to the engine.