How Do You Locate the Power Steering Pump on Your Vehicle?

The power steering pump is typically located on the front of the engine and can be traced by following the fluid lines from the power steering fluid reservoir or by following the power steering drive belt to the attached pulley. The actual location may vary.

Many factors can affect the actual location of the power steering pump, including whether the engine is an inline or a "V" style, and whether it's mounted transversely or longitudinally. It is usually on the front of the engine with the other accessories, either way the engine is mounted.

Replacing the pump is not difficult and can be accomplished with standard tools, although a set of flare nut wrenches and a pulley removal tool make the job much easier. Always replace a faulty pump because rebuilding one is a more complex job for a professional mechanic.

Remove the belt driving the pump, then remove the pulley attached to the pump. Remove the fluid lines that are attached to the pump, making sure to have a pan to drain the hydraulic fluid into. The pump comes off with the removal of the mounting bolts. Install the new pump, tension the belt, attach the hoses and refill the power steering fluid to complete the process.