How Do You Locate Places That Sell Plane Salvage?

How Do You Locate Places That Sell Plane Salvage? provides a helpful geographic search tool that allows the user to search for airplane salvage sellers within a certain distance of their ZIP code. Users enter their ZIP codes and then set the search setting to a 10 to 200 mile radius. The resulting airplane salvage sellers are then shown on a map.

Another way to search for local distributors of salvaged airplane parts is to look at the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Associations' directory of participating businesses. A search can only be geographically refined by country, but many of the companies listed have multiple U.S. locations. Check the individual company websites for their specific locations. These companies dismantle airplanes and recycle and resell their parts.

There are also many online retailers of salvaged airplane parts. Texas Air Salvage, Aircraft Demolition and Arizona Air Salvage sell salvaged airplane parts online and in-store. These stores offer sales on parts that have been disassembled from aircraft or were never even installed in an aircraft. These websites also promote online sellers that have unique, antique or collectible parts. Some aviation insurance companies, such as AIG, offer plane salvage bidding on their websites. Most of the salvage items on these websites are auctioned as full planes, however, not as disassembled parts.