How Do You Locate a Phil Long Used Car Dealer?

Locate a Phil Long used car dealership by using the dealer locator page on to find the nearest location that specializes in the desired make of car, as of May 2015. Once you find a dealership, visit its website to check for available used and preowned inventory.

Unlike the dealer locator tools found on many other retail websites, which allow the user to search for stores in a given location via factors such as a ZIP code, hosts a page that contains the name, address and phone number of the different dealerships in the Phil Long family. Some dealerships specialize in a particular make of car, such as Chevrolet, Kia, Audi and Toyota, while several exclusively offer Ford vehicles. Each dealership operates its own inventory of new and used cars, along with an online functionality for searching that inventory. You need to check the inventory search tools on each site to find out if the dealership sells used cars.

For example, when you visit, you have access to an inventory search tool on the main page. This tool includes the ability to limit results by condition, such as only preowned cars. Similarly, contains a link to preowned cars in its main navigation bar.