How Do You Locate the EGR Valve on Your Car?

To locate a car's exhaust gas recirculation valve, find the sticker in the hood of the car that shows a diagram of the car’s engine. The diagram in the sticker usually shows the EGR solenoid and the vacuum line that links it to the EGR valve. The EGR valve is in the engine, but its specific location differs with each car model.

The diagram in the sticker indicates the vacuum line in a particular color. The vacuum line in the vehicle should be the same color as the one in the diagram. Follow this line from the front of the car where it joins to the EGR solenoid through the conduit that takes it to the EGR valve located in the back of the engine compartment. The EGR valve is a flat, disk-shaped object.

The EGR valve is responsible for the recirculation of the vehicle’s exhaust through the combustion chamber. This is a key element of the emission system, as it helps reduce the amount of the combustion mixture and makes the car’s emission cleaner and cooler. When the flow from the EGR valve is too strong, the engine burns the fuel inefficiently and produces excessive emission. When the flow from the valve is inadequate, the engine overheats.