How Do You Locate the Camshaft Sensor in a Car?

Typically, the camshaft sensor is located at the top of the engine to the front and mounted near the crankshaft in front of a wheel. The wheel has windows or slots that allow the sensor to count each revolution of the camshaft. The sensor is readily accessible if it needs to be changed. However, some imported cars, including Hondas, have the crankshaft and camshaft sensors inside of the distributor, requiring replacement of the entire distributor for this type of vehicle.

Signs of a failing camshaft sensor may include the engine misfiring or hesitating while accelerating, a check engine light, and problems starting or immediately dying after starting. A standard set of socket wrenches or set of box wrenches is the only tool needed to change a faulty sensor. If you have a multimeter, you can remove and test the sensor. Connect it to the meter, set the meter to detect resistance and rapidly pass a magnet in front of its eye. You should see significant jumps in the reading on the meter as the magnet passes if the sensor is good.

To replace the camshaft sensor, remove it by depressing the side tabs on the electrical connector wired to the camshaft sensor and unplug it. Remove the retaining bolt holding the sensor in place and gently twist the sensor back and forth as you pull it free. Insert the new sensor, and twist it into place in a similar manner. Tighten the retaining bolt, and plug the connector in to complete the replacement.