How Do You Locate an AAMCO Transmission Store?

How Do You Locate an AAMCO Transmission Store?

Locate an AAMCO transmission store by visiting the company's website at and entering in a location or by calling 800-GO-AAMCO as of 2015. The site directs users to the nearest stores within the selected location radius.

AAMCO has more than 650 locations around the United States as of 2015, and its website makes it easy to find the nearest shop. Follow the steps below to locate an AAMCO service center.

  1. Visit the AAMCO home page
  2. Go to and locate the red search box on the right side of the screen with the text "Find an AAMCO Near You."

  3. Search by ZIP code or city and state
  4. Enter a ZIP code or postal code in the top box or enter a city and state in the second box. Click the Go link.

  5. Define search parameters
  6. Using the boxes under the banner image at the top of the page, narrow down the search results by entering a search radius or changing the ZIP code or city and state. Click the Search link.

  7. Use the results
  8. Use the search results to contact the closest AAMCO location or zoom in on the map to get cross street information.

At all its locations, AAMCO offers transmission services as well as total car care. AAMCO technicians work on brakes, perform oil and lube changes and rebuild transmissions.