How Do You Find Local Used Trucks for Sale?


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Websites such as Carfax.com and Cargurus.com can facilitate locating any type of small civilian road vehicle, including pickup trucks. For larger commercial trucks such as semis, websites such as Truckpaper.com and Commercialtrucktrader.com allow users to locate these larger used vehicles.

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Carfax.com and Cargurus.com can both locate vehicles using a wide variety of different search functions that allow for accurate searches of exact vehicles that a person searches for and a wide variety of options for those in the market for a less specific truck. These include being able to search for a vehicle of a specific make or model, the year of the vehicle, its transmission type, price, mileage and even by the vehicles' histories. These websites also allow a person to search by location, allowing him to factor in distance to the seller as well.

When searching on the commercial truck websites, the user typically does not have such a wide array of search options, but can at least locate vehicles based on their primary functions: semi-trucks, dump trucks towing trucks, fluid transport trucks, etc.. The more limited search functions include searching by make and model if a more broad categorical search is not satisfactory. Truckpaper.com even facilitates rental or lease of these trucks if a permanent purchase is not ideal to the buyer.

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