How Do You Find a Local Used RV Dealer?

To find a local used RV dealer, visit and Both sites list hundreds of RV dealers by state, and invites you to set your location so it can offer a list of dealers ordered by proximity to your home address.

To find a local used RV dealer on, click Find a Dealer under Dealers on the home page. The site automatically detects your location and lists the 10 nearest dealers in order of their distance in miles from your location. To amend the location, click Change Location, enter your city or ZIP code in the pop-up box, and click Set Location. Alternatively, click a state on the map, or scroll down the list of dealers by state or province. Click on an individual dealer to view its RV inventory, and refine your search by choosing from the range of filters listed on the left side, including RV type, year, manufacturer and brand.

To search for a dealer on, click Find a Dealer or Service on the home page, check Dealer, and click Search State to choose a state from the list. Scroll through the dealer information while looking for a logo showing a white letter "U" in a blue box, as this indicates the dealer sells used RVs. Click View Units Available in the dealer information box, and narrow your search by clicking Used under Condition in the filter column on the left side.