How Do You Find a Local Junkyard?

local-junkyard Credit: Michael Layefsky/Moment/Getty Images

Find a local junkyard on Navigate to the iJunkYards website, enter a ZIP code in the Find Junk Yards section and click Go to get a list of local junkyards.

The Advanced Search feature on the iJunkYards website allows one to search for junkyards by name or by the year and make of the car parts they need. To access the Advanced Search feature, click on the Advanced Search option in the top right-hand corner of the home page. Alternatively, get a list of junkyards by state by selecting a state at the bottom of the home page.

IJunkyard is a great resource for finding junkyards, and it includes a comprehensive listing of junkyards that is easy to sort through and organize. If it doesn't have what you're looking for, you may also try Find Auto Salvage Yards at, which focuses on providing links to websites. While this makes it less comprehensive as a result because many junkyards do not have websites, it may have links to junkyard company websites with information not available on iJunkyard, such as which parts are available at the junkyard.

The Auto Salvage Yards Directory also has local listings for regional junkyards, which it sorts by state and city for easy browsing. However, most of the entries contain only the name and address of the junkyard, with no additional information, such as phone number or website.

Searching the Yellow Pages in the phone book for "Junkyard" may also prove useful. Some businesses advertise in the phone book and do not list themselves online. However, you can also check the Yellow Pages local listings online at