How Do You Find Local Car Key Copying?


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Local car dealerships, locksmiths and hardware stores offer car key replicating services for a wide range of vehicles. The availability of a particular car key depends on the type of car you have and whether the key features an electronic anti-theft system, which adds to the cost of a duplicate.

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Contact a dealership, locksmith or hardware store for a specific description of their key-making capabilities. In many cases, a key maker has access to a database of the types of keys he can duplicate. In addition, a business can quickly identify whether or not it has the key blank you need.

Automobiles built since 1995 usually contain a transponder computer chip that helps prevent vehicle theft by sending an electronic message to the vehicle's engine control unit, which then allows engine ignition. Authorized key makers have a computerized system that reprograms the new key with the correct transponder signal. Without the corresponding signal, the engine cannot start, but may allow the key holder access to the interior of the vehicle via the doors or trunk.

Car keys without remote access capabilities or transponder chips can be made for a nominal cost, but keys with those mechanisms are typically more expensive.

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