What Does LKQ Salvage Yard Sell?


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LKQ Salvage Yards sell used automotive parts harvested from damaged vehicles. The process involves the buyer visiting a salvage yard and searching through the vehicles contained within for either a specific part or one that is compatible with the vehicle in need of repairs.

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LKQ functions the way that many other salvage yards operate, wherein the individual yard purchased cars in a variety of conditions with the express intent of selling off its components rather than selling the car as a whole. Once LKQ obtains a vehicle, it inspects it to make sure that any parts damaged beyond repair are taken out and that all hazardous materials and fluids are properly drained and recycled. The cars are then organized in the yard by make and model, making it easy for a buyer or sales associate to access the vehicle and retrieve the desired part.

When shopping for salvage auto parts, the buyer needs to make sure he knows exactly what he needs. One easy way to confirm this is by using the VIN of the car that needs the part. The assisting sales associate is often able to help the buyer check the serial number on the salvaged part and compare it to the VIN of the buyer's car for compatibility.

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