What Are Some Livewell Kits for Boats?

What Are Some Livewell Kits for Boats?

Some livewell kits for boats include pump kits and aerator kits. EzAcDc is an online retailer that sells livewell pump kits that include an aerator pump from one of the boating industry's leading manufacturers, Attwood.

Livewell pumps are devices used by boaters to supply fresh water into tanks that store live bait and catch. EzAcDc offers pump kits that contain all the necessary components for a simple and successful installation process.

The EzAcDc livewell pump assembly comes with the Attwood Tsunami pump, which is available in two sizes: 500- or 800-gallon-per-hour yield. Either configuration can be fitted using EzAcDc's boat wiring harness or switch panel. Aside from the Tsunami pump, the kit also includes an aerator intake filter, five feet of properly measured drain hose, five feet of correctly sized pick-up hose, livewell spray head, stainless hole clamps made from steel and an overflow drain system that comes with an ultraviolet thru-hull protection.

Boating enthusiasts can also purchase the Tsunami Recirq aerator kit from dealers and online vendors of Attwood marine products. This livewell recirculation set contains a 500 GPH Tsunami aerator pump, straight thread-to-barb connector, 23-inch poly hose that measures 0.75 in diameter, two hose clamps made of plastic, 4232-1 stainless steel strainer and 4125-1 aerator spray head.

Other livewell kits for boats include the overflow drain kit produced by T-H Marine. This product comes with a one-foot long overflow pipe, a 90-degree drain fitting for the livewell base and an overhead screen to prevent blockage.