How Do You Live in a Small RV?


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Living in a small RV is realistic and can be a great way to save money, according to The Huffington Post. By using surfaces in your RV for multiple purposes, hanging shelves on the walls for storage and keeping your space clean, it is possible to live comfortably in a small space.

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Moving to a small place creates a great opportunity for experimentation and creativity. Small spaces can simplify life by saving money and time on cleaning projects, while also being more Earth friendly.

There are a few different strategies that can be employed to make a small space comfortable and usable. Installing shelves or cabinets on the walls of your RV substantially increases storage options without taking up precious floor space. Further maximize space by taking an inventory of your belongings. Determine what you need, then discard items you can do without.

Brighten up your living space by using colors such as white or light gray because they make spaces feel more open. Finally, use mirrors to your advantage by installing them in places that already get sunlight from outside. Natural light, as opposed to multiple lamps, makes a small living area appear bigger and brighter without adding clutter.

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