What Is a List of the Best Remote Car Starters?

There are a variety of remote car starters from different manufacturers, and the best ones have a solid warranty, fast engine speed sensing, a wider transmitter range and a large amount of other features. Some of the top brands include Viper, Python, Avital, iDataStart, DroneMobile and Bulldog.

Below is a list of some of the best remote car starters, some basic and some more advanced. The brands that are mentioned have a variety of different models to fit different budgets that provide various features and options.

  • Bulldog
  • This brand offers several different remote start models. The D500B model offers a 5-button remote transmitter, temperature monitor, timer control for automatic start, a turbo charge mode and can be used with an automatic or manual transmission.

  • DroneMobile
  • This remote start includes features like in-vehicle temperature sensors, multi-button controls on the remotes, GPS vehicle location for added security and the ability to start, lock or unlock the vehicle from a smartphone or other mobile device virtually from anywhere in the world.

  • Viper
  • When consumers purchase a Viper remote start, they can choose from basic functions or for more advanced models that offer a long list of special features. Some of the features offered by Viper remote starts include two remotes that can reach up to a mile, OLED high contrast displays, SuperCode technology for the operation of two separate vehicles, security alarm and keyless entry systems.

  • iDataStart
  • The iDataStart remote starts have a variety of options, including models designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz. Some of the options included on the iDataStart remote starts include a web program ability to use the car's factory key fob as a remote start, mobile phone access, long range ability and GPS tracking systems.

  • Python
  • One of the cool features offered by the Python remote starters includes the ability to use the remotes on two separate vehicles. Some models include an operating range past 5,280 feet, six different siren tones and dome light activation features.

  • CompuStar
  • This remote start is for use with selected Mercedes-Benz models and has a range of up to 800 feet. Connecting directly to the vehicle's starter components, the controller is easy to install and its compact size makes it easily portable.