What Is a List of Flat Towable Cars?


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Buick Regals and Jeep Wranglers with automatic or manual transmission and Chevy Cruzes and Subarus with manual transmission are among 2015 cars that can be flat towed. Once ruled out for automatics, flat towing is possible with many makes and models.

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A car owner should always check the manufacturer's specifications before towing or purchasing a vehicle that is going to be towed. Manufacturers' manuals are the final word as to whether or not a car can be flat-towed with all four wheels on the ground or must be towed with driving wheels off the ground. These manuals provide instructions that must be followed to ensure the vehicle's safe transport.

The deciding factor as to whether or not a vehicle can be flat towed is lubrication. Automatic and manual transmissions that don't lubricate the transmission unless the car is running are not suitable for flat towing. Most manual transmission cars with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive cars that can be placed in neutral are appropriate for flat towing.

It is also possible to retrofit a car so that it can be flat towed. The cost of the necessary equipment, labor and ongoing maintenance to ensure the car can be safely towed without damage is high, and mistakes may jeopardize warranty coverage.

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