How Do You List a Car on AutoTrader Classics?

How Do You List a Car on AutoTrader Classics?

How Do You List a Car on AutoTrader Classics?

In order to sell a vehicle on Auto Trader Classics, the individual must be a member of the site, purchase an ad package and list all details about the vehicle, including price and images, before the online ad can be created and confirmed. There are four different ad packages that can be purchased on the website, which run for 4 weeks or until the vehicle sells.

Selling a classic car on Auto Trader Classic is simple, requiring only a few steps to get started.

  1. Visit Auto Trader Classics
  2. From the main page on Auto Trader Classics, select "Sell Your Car" from the top of the page.

  3. Select ad package
  4. Select a basic package, classic package, deluxe package or the ultimate package. Each package offers a specific amount of images that can be uploaded to the ad and a time limit for how long the ad runs.

  5. Log in or become a member
  6. Log in to the site if already a member; if not a member, then create a membership under the "Become a Member" section towards the bottom of the page.

  7. Enter details
  8. Enter the details for the ad, such as year, make and model of the vehicle, drive type, color, engine details and transmission type.

  9. Upload photos
  10. Upload photos for the ad.

  11. Preview and pay
  12. Preview the ad and pay for the ad package. Confirm all the information is correct to activate the ad.