How Do You Lift a Motorcycle Onto a Truck Bed?

How Do You Lift a Motorcycle Onto a Truck Bed?

Load a motorcycle into a truck bed by using two ramps, a wheel chock and tie-downs. With practice, loading a motorcycle can be done quickly by one person.

Before loading a motorcycle into a truck, purchase two arched folding ramps, a heavy-duty chock stand and a set of tie-downs.

  1. Park at an incline
  2. Parking the truck at an include reduces the angle in which the bike has to travel, which in turn reduces the force necessary to get the bike into the truck. Once parked, set the parking brake. The incline does not have to be steep; even 6 to 8 inches can help.

  3. Set up the ramps
  4. The more arched the ramps, the easier they will be to use. Set up the ramps in the back of the truck and secure them with security straps. The ramps will allow the rider to walk the bike up right into the bed. One ramp will be for the bike, the other for the rider.

  5. Set the wheel chock
  6. After everything is in position, set the wheel chock in the center, against the front of the bed. Set the straps into place to hold everything securely.

  7. Load the bike
  8. Smaller bikes such as dirt bikes will load easier when pushed. Larger bikes will need to be ridden up the ramp.

  9. Secure the bike
  10. After loading, secure the bike in the bed. Soft loop straps work best for the job, but many riders prefer metal hooks.

  11. Check and double check
  12. Before heading out, double check to make sure everything is safe and secure. The bike should be completely stationary, even when accelerating or hitting the brakes.