How Do You Get License Plates in Pennysylvania?

How Do You Get License Plates in Pennysylvania?

To get license plates in Pennsylvania, go to a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Driver and Vehicle Service Center with the appropriate paperwork, including proof of valid insurance. After completing the registration application and paying the registration fee, the office then hands over the license plates.

  1. Gather the necessary documents

    All vehicle owners are required to show proof of insurance to get license plates. For new vehicles that are purchased from a licensed dealership, the dealer automatically sends the rest of the required paperwork to the Department of Transportation. If the vehicle was not purchased at a dealership or if the individual applying has just moved to the state, it's also necessary to provide the original vehicle title. For out-of-state vehicles, a vehicle information number inspection certificate is also required.

  2. Complete the appropriate forms

    It's necessary to fill out Form MV-1 for any vehicle that is not purchased at a dealership. In addition, Form MV-4ST must be completed for used vehicles purchased in Pennsylvania, while Form MV-904 is required for personalized plates.

  3. Complete registration by paying the fee

    The final step is to pay the registration fee and collect the plates. As of 2014, the fee was $36 for standard license plates, but retirees can qualify for a reduced rate of $10. There is an additional charge of $76 for personalized plates, which are delivered by mail in approximately 10 weeks.