How Do You Get Leasing Deals on a Mini Cooper?

How Do You Get Leasing Deals on a Mini Cooper?

Find leasing deals on a Mini Cooper by contacting a local dealership, according to Mini USA. As of 2015, the car brand offers three leasing plans through Mini Financial Services.

With the Motoring Lease, the lessee decides on the number of miles, and the company builds a plan around those miles, explains Mini USA. With this plan, the lessee can stipulate the exact mileage for the plan, even if it is a small amount, such as 5,000 miles.

The Traditional Lease is also an option for customers interested in leasing, states Mini USA. With this lease, a person receives flexibility and can structure the lease to fit specific needs. This leasing program is ideal for people with small down payments, those who seek affordable monthly payments, and people who have no trade-in.

There is also a Mileage Adjustment Program available, which offers lessees more flexibility without having to keep track of miles, claims Mini USA. This program helps lessees avoid extra mileage charges at the end of the lease, and a person can buy up to 100,000 miles on top of the miles that come with the lease and can buy additional miles at any point before the lease is over.

At the end of all these lease options, a lessee has a few choices on what to do with the car, reports Mini USA. The lessee can apply for a new lease or buy a new Mini, can finance the Mini with the lease, or can turn in the car and choose to walk away.