How Do You Lease a Car for a Month?


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Leasing a car for one month can be done by taking over an existing lease from someone who wishes to get out of his car lease. Lease transfers can be as short as one month, or extend for several years, according to CarsDirect.

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Many car leasing companies offer consumers short-term leases, but the shortest length of time available for these contracts is usually six months, states CarsDirect. A lease transfer offers lease buyers more options for finding a car lease for a 30-day period, and online lease trading websites are a quick way to locate this type of deal. Registering as a buyer at a car lease trading site involves creating a basic profile that includes sharing personal details and contact information, states Leasetrader.com. Buyers can browse seller listings and use search criteria such as car make, model and location.

Car lease trading sites may require buyers to go through a credit approval process, which assures sellers the buyer is creditworthy. Once a buyer finds a good lease deal, the buyer contacts the seller and negotiates terms of the lease transfer, and the trading site may provide assistance in processing the final transfer, claims LeaseTrader.com. Lease buyers should thoroughly examine the lease agreement and inquire about end of lease fees attached to the original leasing contract, advises Edmunds.com.

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