How Do You Learn to Do Auto Repairs Yourself?


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To learn to do auto repairs yourself, find a course on car mechanics at a local community college or trade school that you can take independent of a degree plan. Another option is to use books, television shows or online tutorials to learn basic mechanics. Take notes as you go through these kinds of media or create your own binder full of information for easy use when car trouble arises.

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Some magazines, such as "Popular Mechanics," and automotive television shows and hosts have published books that teach anyone how to care for a vehicle. Find these in any how-to section of a bookstore or online. Buy the tools necessary for repairs at automotive supply stores or hardware stores. Some common tools include a tire-pressure gauge, socket wrench, oil filter wrench and ramps or lifts to elevate a vehicle. Common fluids to keep in stock are oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid.

Another option is to consult the owner's manual for the vehicle on which you are doing repairs. Each model varies from the last, so be sure the manual is meant for the specific year or model of the vehicle. An owner's manual provides information concerning the engine layout and troubleshooting to find the problem as well as maintenance information. Use the skills you learn or read about by performing routine maintenance on all of your vehicles. This also helps to keep vehicles in good condition and reduces the risk of serious problems occurring.

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