How Is the NO-LEAK Engine Oil Treatment Different From Other Similar Treatments?

NO-LEAK engine oil treatment is different from other similar treatments in that it stops and prevents engine oil leaks while also repairing the rear main seals and stopping smoke caused by the burning of oil in faulty seals. This treatment is safe to use with all engine oils and carries a money-back guarantee against clogging.

NO-LEAK engine oil treatment is ideal for small oil leaks as larger problems likely require specialized mechanic repair. This product works by swelling, softening and conditioning the rubber seals, which allow oil to leak once the seals age and shrink due to the heat and pressure of constant use.

While this treatment functions best if used soon after an oil leak appears, it is also useful for an already existing leak. The manufacturer recommends using the entire bottle at once. To use NO-LEAK engine oil treatment, turn off the vehicle and allow the engine to cool. After removing the oil filler cap, pour the contents of the bottle into the oil reservoir, making sure not to overfill the system. Once completed, replace the filler cap. The treatment should begin to work immediately, but the results tend to take approximately 200 miles of driving to appear.