What Are Some Facts About Lamborghinis?


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Interesting facts about Lamborghinis include that the first Lamborghini model, the 350 GTV, was one of the fastest cars in the world when it was introduced in 1963. All Lamborghini models except the Gallardo have a V12 engine, and no Lamborghini has ever hit the road with less than a V8.

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What Are Some Facts About Lamborghinis?
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Lamborghini was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 but was sold to Audi in 1998, and the company still owns the brand today. Since then, all Lamborghini models have been built by hand, and it takes around 130 people to craft one car.

Each Lamborghini model is adorned with a bull logo because Inventor Ferruccio Lamborghini's astrological sign was Taurus. Because of this, he also named many models after fighting bulls, such as Diablo and Miura. Many Lamborghini models are named after Spanish legends.

Another interesting fact is that the Lamborghini company donated two Gallardos to the Italian state police. They use the cars to quickly transport organs to transplant patients. 1800 such cars were made in 2008, which set a production record for the company.

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