What Are Some Known Problems With the Mitsubishi Outlander?

Known problems with the Mitsubishi Outlander include difficult-to-turn heating and air conditioning system knobs and an erratic blower motor. In addition many Outlander owners report problems with the engine overheating, reports RepairPal.

The difficulty with turning the heating and air conditioning knobs in an Outlander is well-documented, and Mitsubishi has released a service bulletin that outlines the repairs that fix it, notes RepairPal. Suggested repairs include replacing the air blend door link and lever, applying lubrication to the blend door track, and installing a new filter in the blower motor housing. If there are also issues with the temperature control assembly, then this needs replacing, too.

People who have Outlanders also commonly report that the blower motor in the heating and air conditioning unit behaves erratically. This is often due to a failed blower motor or blower motor resistor. If the issue is due to the resistor failing, also check the blower motor. If the blower motor does not seem to work correctly, then replace this part, as well.

Engines that overheat also sometimes occur in an Outlander, and the most commonly reported cause is a failing radiator cooling fan controller. A new controller is the remedy to this issue.