What Are Some Known Problems With the Boeing 787?


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Some known Boeing 787 Dreamliner problems include battery troubles, complications arising from faulty software and dangerous wing fractures. These safety issues, along with other complaints, led the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct extensive reviews of the aircraft's design and manufacture. On several occasions, the FAA has grounded the aircraft entirely.

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The Dreamliner's lithium ion batteries have caused electrical problems for some aircraft, resulting in fires on All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines planes. A United Airlines 787 suffered a similar electrical fault, but no fire occurred.

An FAA directive warned of a software bug capable of shutting down power to an aircraft running for an excessive amount of time. Engine-mounted generators turned on for longer than a 248-day period could enter failsafe mode and shut down completely, cutting all power to the plane.

Another worrisome discovery found over 40 newly delivered Dreamliner aircraft contained hairline wing fractures. The faults were apparently caused by a modification in the initial stage of the manufacturing process, according to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., the plane's wingmaker.

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