What Are Some Known Problems With the 2004 Dodge Stratus?


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Some known problems with the 2004 Dodge Stratus include failure to start, engine stalls during acceleration, A/C heater problems and erroneous illumination of the check engine light. Other problems include formation of orange crust in coolant valves, gear noises and premature failure of automatic transmission.

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A faulty crankshaft sensor in the Dodge Strauss causes failure of the engine to start. This may lead to fault codes in the powertrain control module and the engine dying during acceleration. A faulty blower motor resistor may cause A/C heater problems. The fan only works in certain positions while the heater may produce foul smells. Sometimes the engine may die off when the A/C heater is on.

A plugged AC evaporator drain tube can lead to water leaks, especially around the front passenger seat. False trouble codes may lead to erroneous illumination of the check engine light and ignition problems in the Dodge Strauss. Leaks at the coolant bleeder valve may lead to formation of orange crust around the housing unit. An improperly seated steering column boot causes whistling noises in the gear.

Electrical components failure, burnt fuses and low battery may cause the automatic transmission to fail prematurely. Defective audio output from the door speakers leads to rattling noises around the door panel. A misaligned steering column and faulty column parts may cause clicking noises when turning the steering wheel. The noises are loudest when turning the car at low speeds or when parking in tight spots.

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