What Kinds of Questions Are on the Alberta Class 7 Learner's Permit Exam?


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The Alberta Class 7 Learner's License exam asks a series of questions including rules of the road, responsible driving, traffic signals and road signs. The questions are pulled directly from the Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing handbook.

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Available to Albertans at least 14 years old, the written exam offers 30 multiple choice questions. To pass, one must get 25 correct. Questions include subjects such as what to do when pulling a trailer, how to approach steady red traffic lights and what exactly are uncontrolled intersections. The exam will frame some questions in an inverse style, for example: "What should you NOT do if your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical problems on a busy highway?" The correct answer would be "Attempt roadside repairs on your vehicle." While many of the questions are common sense, others require a technical knowledge of the rules of the road.

When driving in the outside lane of a traffic circle, for example, a driver must yield the right of way to traffic that is attempting to enter the circle, is on the driver's left side, arrived first using the courtesy rule, or is on the driver's right side? Other questions include subjects such as what substances are illegal to transport in a trailer, proper techniques for parallel parking and prerequisites for purchasing a registered vehicle. There is also a section of questions requiring the identification of signs, as well as an emphasis on defensive driving.

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