What Kinds of Problems Do PT Cruisers Tend to Develop?

According to WeMakeItSafer, some of the problems that PT Cruisers have are power steering fluid leaks, fuel supply line leaks, malfunctioning anchor points for child safety seats and fuel pump leaks. These problems are just a few of the problems that prompted recalls on the PT Cruiser.

In 2010, Chrysler announced that it had discontinued the PT Cruiser due to a drop in sales. Although the car was always viewed more as a novelty item than a practical car, it did get a lot of action at rental companies, according to Bloomberg. It was this popularity at car rental companies that kept the PT Cruiser around for so many years. However, once the government stepped in to help Detroit and bailout the auto industry, the price for the PT Cruiser went up. This no longer made it a practical car for rental companies and many chose to stop carrying them.

One of the official reasons why rental companies stopped carrying the PT Cruiser had to do with the death of two California sisters. The sisters were in a PT Cruiser rented from Enterprise that caught on fire due to a power steering fluid leak. Enterprise admitted misconduct in court, and the family of the two sisters received $15 million. After the courtroom battle, rental companies took steps to stop offering the PT Cruiser because they faced new federal laws on how to handle recalled vehicles.