What Kinds of Parts Does AutoZone Sell?


As of 2015, AutoZone sells a wide variety of replacement car parts, such as car batteries, drive trains, fuel delivery systems, alternators and brake rotors. AutoZone's parts inventory also include car hardware such as headlights and motor mounts, and starting equipment, such as car starters or alternators.

In addition to replacement car parts, AutoZone also sells a wide selection of car-related interior accessories, such as stereo systems, floor mats, seat covers, sunshades and remote key starters. The company also sells truck and towing equipment that can be used with various types of vehicles, such as a trailer hitch, grille guard, brush guard, truck tool box and running boards.

Customers looking to do maintenance on their vehicles can also purchase various tools and repair equipment from AutoZone. These tools and equipment include battery chargers, sandpaper, socket sets, air compressors and a portable tire inflater. In addition to its catalog of products, AutoZone also provides repair help for its customers in the form of vehicle repair guides, component location charts, a loan-a-tool program and a glossary of automotive terms.

AutoZone was established on July 4, 1979, by J.R. "Pitt" Hyde III under the name of Auto Shack in Forrest City, Arkansas. On its first day of operations, Auto Shack made $300 in sales.