What Kinds of Hand Pedals Are Available for Handicapped Drivers?


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There are a variety of hand pedals available for handicapped drivers such as the push-rock hand control, right angle hand control and push-pull hand control. The push-rock hand control enables a driver to accelerate and brake by hand using an upright handle.

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When the handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal, the car brakes are applied. When the handle rocks toward the driver, the car accelerates. This type of hand pedal is often used in wheelchair accessible vans.

The right angle hand control is applied using a forward motion away from the driver and toward the dashboard using mechanical linkage. The gas is applied by a downward movement toward the driver’s lap, at right angle to the brake.

The push-pull hand control works by pushing the handle down toward the floor for the brakes and pulling the handle back in order to accelerate.

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