What Kinds of Cars Does Copart Sell?

What Kinds of Cars Does Copart Sell?

Copart is an online auction website that sells various types of vehicles. Its inventory generally features over 75,000 cars online for both domestic and international buyers. The typical body styles of most cars for sale by Copart are four-door sedan, coupe and hatchback body styles.

Other car styles occasionally featured on the auction website include van, pickup truck, SUV, station wagon and convertible car models. The website even gets limousines and classic cars at times, explains Copart.

Car brands featured by Copart fluctuate; the auction website may have any car brand at any time. These include common car brands like Dodge, Ford, Hyundai and Honda as well as less common car brands like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Copart may also feature gas, hybrid, compress, diesel and electric fuel-type cars.

The auction website has its own set of vehicle icons to help potential buyers more easily understand the characteristics of cars for sale. Some useful icons on the website include those labeled for run and drive, engine start, donated vehicle and VIX. Cars that have a run and drive icon have been started at Copart, and they have been put into gear and moved forward. The icon offers no guarantee to buyers, though.

The engine start icon means that a car has been started at Coport and allowed to idle. Donated and VIX icons suggest that there may be functional problems with a car. VIX means total loss, which means that damage to a car is not eligible for repair by an insurance provider.