What Kinds of Batteries Does Yuasa Batteries Make?

What Kinds of Batteries Does Yuasa Batteries Make?

Yuasa Batteries makes a full line of Powersports batteries for motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, scooters, snowmobiles, riding mowers and personal watercraft. Specific battery types include its Conventional battery, Absorbed Glass Mat battery, YuMicron battery and YuMicron CX battery.

Ideal for motorcycles and riding mowers, the Yuasa Convential battery is designed to produce high cranking power and withstand significant amounts of vibration. Sealed posts protect against corrosion to ensure long-lasting battery life, and through-partition construction provides incredible power.

The Yuasua Absorbed Glass Mat battery is constructed to prevent acid leaks and is almost maintenance-free after the initial acid installation. The battery's lead calcium design allows for longer times between charges.

The Yuasa YuMicron features high-tech separators that allow for added plates on each cell, increasing power and cranking performance. It's great for high compression engines. The YuMicron CX small-engine battery utilizes advanced lead calcium technology to boost power, reduce maintenance and last longer than other batteries. The YuMicron CX generates as much as 8 percent more cold cranking amperage than the YuMicron.

Yuasa Battery, Inc. began manufacturing motorcycle batteries in the United States in 1979. All of its Powersports batteries are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure they meet the highest standards. The company conducts continuous research and development to maintain its position as a leader in the small engine starting battery industry.