What Kinds of Auto Parts Does SGI Salvage in Saskatchewan Take?


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SGI Salvage in Saskatchewan accepts nearly any auto part, including full cars, batteries and other assorted parts. The company also accepts and recycles steel, tires, oil, Freon and mercury.

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Founded in 1947, SGI Salvage has led Canada in automobile recycling for over 50 years, focusing its efforts on introducing new ways to support a cleaner environment. The company sells damaged vehicles and recycled parts to the public and repair shops. It also sells SGI Canada salvage items recovered from general claims.

SGI Salvage is one of the largest and most advanced auto recyclers in North America. The company's antifreeze recycling program saves millions of gallons of water from being polluted every year, and its Freon recovery from dismantled vehicles ensures the ozone-depleting matter is removed and recycled rather than discharged.

SGI salvages roughly 16,000 vehicles per year. During the recovery process, workers remove and dispose of oils through the Saskatchewan Association of Resource Recovery Corporation. It sends all scrap steel to Wheat City Metals to be recycled and removes and tests batteries it sends on for recycling. SGI removes used tires from dismantled vehicles, and these tires are inspected and either sold as replacements or disposed of through the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation.

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