What Kinds of Accessories Would You Need to Go Off-Road Driving in a 4x4 Truck?


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Some accessories needed to go off-road driving in a 4x4 truck include a jack, a winch, towing equipment and ramps. Other recommended accessories include a first-aid kit, a map or GPS equipment, and some extra food and water.

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If you rupture a tire or break some part of your vehicle while driving off-road, you need a jack to perform the necessary repairs. A Hi-Lift jack is a favorite among many off-road vehicle owners. When driving off-road trails, getting stuck is a real possibility. Having a winch on board enables you to pull out of mud or other impassable terrain. It is a good idea to travel off-road with other 4x4 vehicles. If one person gets stuck, tow ropes or chains can be used to help pull them out.

It is a good idea to use GPS technology to plot your course and to keep track of your location. Having a paper map for backup can be helpful in case the navigation equipment fails to work. If you break down and cannot readily get help, having some food and water in the vehicle can sustain you. If you plan to off-road in extreme conditions and on intermediate-level trails, outfit the vehicle with heavy-duty equipment such as locking hubs, an on-board air compressor and stronger axles.

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