What Kind of Vehicles Are Sold at Matthews Planet PreOwned?

Matthew's Planet Preowned has most major makes and models, including Acura, Buick, Ford, Chevrolet and Honda vehicles, as of 2015. If the dealership does not have the car a customer wants, they offer a service where they locate the car.

The current inventory for Matthew's Planet Preowned is available on the website, and buyers can choose to search by make, body style and price. There are also featured vehicles on the home page and vehicle specials.

When viewing a listing, buyers see a photo of the vehicle and information such as the engine type, transmission information, mileage and how many miles per gallon the vehicle gets. Other information includes the vehicle color and vehicle identification number. Buyers can also choose to read a vehicle history report through AutoCheck. Another feature from Matthew's Planet Preowned is CarStory, which informs buyers if the deal is a good deal or not by comparing the price to other listings for the same or similar vehicles.

Those who cannot find the perfect car from Matthew's Planet Preowned may use the CarFinder service. To use it, buyers can enter their contact information. Other necessary information includes make, model, body style and transmission type. Buyers can also choose a range for highway miles per gallon, year, odometer and price.