What Kind of Skills Do You Need to Design and Build Your Own Scooter?


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The skills needed to design and build a custom scooter vary depending on the design method. Some businesses offer online design tools that only require basic assembly knowledge. To design and build one from scratch requires a deep knowledge of scooter parts and construction skills.

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What Kind of Skills Do You Need to Design and Build Your Own Scooter?
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Sites such as LuckyScooters.com and DoggScooters.com feature custom scooter creation tools that walk the customer through each step of the design process. The tool prompts the user to choose from different options for decks, bars, grips and wheels based on the store's available stock. The user then has the option to purchase the fully assembled scooter from the site or receive the individual parts and assemble it herself. This process involves following included directions to ensure a proper assembly.

If the customer wants to handle the entire process herself, she should use the tools on these sites to identify the exact parts needed to build a fully functional scooter, then purchase them at local store or online parts supplier. Once she has the parts, she needs to assemble them using her own tools and, in some cases, her own hardware. The customer should see if the scooter parts supplier sells the appropriate screws, nuts and bolts for assembly to ensure the best fit.

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