What Kind of Shops Repair Automotive Headliner?


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Automotive upholstery shops repair automotive headliners. Sometimes they're also called "automotive trim shops." The term "trim" refers to components that are not responsible for how the vehicle runs, such as seats, carpets, door panels and headliners.

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Although headliners are thought of as merely a decorative component, they also help insulate a vehicle from exterior noise and extreme temperatures that would otherwise be felt through the body. During a bumpy ride, they also offer some protection for the occupants' heads.

The most-common problems with headliners involve sagging or falling. This can begin in one area and gradually get worse as the plastic retainers installed by the manufacturer begin to give way to the headliner's weight. Another common problem occurs when the exterior fabric begins to separate from the board. This can occur when the polyurethane foam of the headliner oxidizes due to heat and humidity. This process degrades the bond between the fabric and the foam, causing the fabric to fall away.

Although these problems can often be solved through the use of pins and adhesives, the process may involve removing the entire headliner. This can be a lot of work, due to quarter panels and accessories that may have to be removed for access. Depending on the amount of work involved and the price quoted for labor, it may be less-expensive to replace the entire headliner. In any case, the work is best-performed by experienced professionals, using the proper tools.

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