What Kind of Products Does Mid America Motorworks Sell?


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Mid America Motorworks specializes in the sale of replacement parts for Corvettes and air-cooled Volkswagen vehicles, as of 2015. It also sells parts for vintage-model Porsches, such as electrical components, filters, engine parts and body seals.

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Customers are able to shop for parts online through the company's website, MAMotorworks.com. The site is divided into three sections, each of which showcases parts for the different vehicle types in which the company specializes. To view listings for a particular vehicle type, users need to click on the appropriate section from the site's homepage, as subsequent pages don't contain links to the other sections. For example, if a user is viewing the page for vintage Porsches and wishes to switch to the section for air-cooled Volkswagen parts, she needs to click on the Home link at the top of the page and navigate from there.

Each section of the site organizes parts based on the different areas of the car, such as the engine, the electrical system, the brakes or the drivetrain. Individual product listings include pictures of the part, pricing details and a list of models with which it is compatible. Users are also able to enter in a specific model and year of car on the different sections of the site to only view compatible parts.

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