What Kind of Equipment Is Used in a Self-Service Car Wash?


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The main equipment in a self-service car wash is a cash-operated washing machine with a hose and knob that the user switches to clean the car through several steps from pre-soak to wax. Many car washes have a foam brush available. Most self-service car washes also have a change machine, as the wash machines are often coin-operated, and some bays may have a dryer. Many self-service car washes feature vacuum cleaners outside of the bays.

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Self-service car wash machines are usually coin-operated and work on a timer. Before starting the machine, it is important to prepare the car to get the most out of the allotted time. Close windows, lift windshield wipers, and check the foam brush, if available, to be sure it is clear of any debris from the previous user. A self-service car wash user may choose to bring his own chamois or sponges to the car wash.

The self-service machine has several cycles, usually including pre-soak, wash, foam brush, rinse and wax. After depositing the initial fee, the user starts to spray the car with the hose on the pre-soak cycle. The timer counts down, and money is added as needed. The user turns the dial through the other cycles until the car is fully cleaned and waxed.

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