What Kind of Car Is a Suzuki Samurai 4x4?


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A Suzuki Samurai is a smaller-scale sport utility vehicle (SUV). The vehicle functions similar to and has many of the features that mimic a larger SUV, such as those with four-wheel drive.

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Besides its space, one of the most notable aspects of a mini SUV is the powertrain. The engines are a lot smaller and may consist of either three-cylinder or four-cylinder variants. These generally produce less than 100 horsepower and are very economical on gas. The 4x4 version utilizes a full-time 4WD system. The dashboard features functions that allow a driver to input how the drive train will react. For example, the 2WD function engages the rear wheels, the 4WD puts the front wheels into gear with the back wheels and 4WDL lowers the gears on all four wheels.

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